Microsoft Confirms Game Pass Lowers Game Sales

Here's what Microsoft has to say about it.

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Microsoft has recently released a new statement to explain its admission of the Game Pass lowering game sales.

Media outlet recently highlighted a line from the UK Competition and Markets Authority or CMA of a provisional report on Microsoft’s attempted Activision Blizzard takeover. It stated that a title getting added to Game Pass will result in subsequent decline in base game sales.

“Microsoft… submitted that its internal analysis shows a [redacted] percent decline in base game sales 12 months following their addition on Game Pass,” the CMA stated.

Before, Microsoft claimed that games coming to Game Pass would lead to increased sales of the game and not decline. This was in 2018 and Xbox Head Phil Spencer gave this statement. Now, Eurogamer has reached out to Microsoft to explain its admission and asked if have things changed now.

“Xbox Game Pass offers gamers and game creators more choice and opportunity in how they discover, experience, and deliver games,” an Xbox spokesperson told Eurogamer. “For gamers, that means providing another option for them to discover games and play with friends at a great value. For developers, that means creating another option for how they monetize their games.

“We’re focused on helping game creators of all sizes maximize the total financial value they receive through Game Pass. Each game is unique, so we work closely with creators to build a custom program to reflect what they need, ensure they are compensated financially for their participation in the service, and allow room for creativity and innovation. As a result, the number of developers interested in working with Game Pass continues to grow.”

It does make sense that a game might sell fewer copies due to being included in the Game Pass subscription since a player would already own a copy of it, for a limited time, but enough time to complete it. It might entice a player to buy a full copy after trying it out with Game Pass, but some players are already satisfied by just getting it and completing the game. They can just forget about it and move on to another title while it then expires in the Game Pass library. No need to buy the full game, Game Pass takes care of its “disposal” after its limited time of availability. Players also save up money with just a one time payment for Game Pass subscription compared to buying the full game.

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