Microsoft Rewards New Promo Lets Users Win Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Free for Life

Only available on certain regions and only one winner per region.

Xbox Game Pass

The Microsoft Rewards has a new promo that lets its users take a chance to win an awesome Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that will be free for life.

According to media outlet Pure Xbox, there is a new promotion that Microsoft Rewards is offering for its members. While it has already allowed its players to redeem points for free coupons, it is now letting them to enter in order to win an awesome prize: a lifetime Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. No fees at all and will be completely free for life. All it needs is 200 points per entry and will include a commemorative card with the winner’s Gamertag.

Players who are interested in getting this once-in-a-lifetime chance to get this free lifetime perk can sign up until September 22, 2021. The availability though varies by region, but it was confirmed that it will be available in the UK and US. While it does say “lifetime”, the terms and conditions say that it is precisely 40 years of free games. That is still a long time of free games, but they can opt to exchange this awesome gift with a prepaid gift card that is worth $180.00 per year. This can be done at any time within the 40-year period.

Only one winner per region so there is a really slim chance of winning, but if won then it will be a chance of a lifetime. 200 points per entry is not that much anyway compared to other regular rewards that take up almost thousands of points.

What are you waiting for guys? Try your chances now and win this awesome prize.