Microsoft Trademarks Minecraft Legends Ender Dragon Hinting Upcoming Game

An expansion or coming to Minecraft Legends?

Microsoft seems to have made a rather interesting move as it trademarks the name Minecraft Legends Ender Dragon, Minecraft’s big baddie in the game and possibly hints at something related to Minecraft Legends.

Ender Dragon was recently trademarked at the start of March 2023 based on the records on the JUSTIA Trademarks website. It is currently marked under the 041 category of the International Class information, which is categorized in education. Some speculate that this could be a hint of a possible expansion of Minecraft.

Others think this new trademark actually links to the launch of the upcoming video game Minecraft Legends, which is an action strategy game. It is planned for release this coming April 18, 2023. It could be for new content for the game, which could be related to the Ender Dragon.

minecraft legends

Microsoft or Mojang have not shared any official statements to confirm these claims.