Microsoft “won” the E3 coverage race

With the curtains already closed for E3, the company that runs a yearly analysis of E3’s coverage statistics, ICO Partners, just released the numbers today. In the blog post by Thomas Bideaux, ICO Partner’s CEO, it shows that Microsoft “won” the E3 coverage race in this year’s E3. However, this is only based from the number of coverage that online publications had for the platform.

“For the first time since we started measuring media coverage at E3 in 2014, Sony is not leading. It has to be said that the gap between them and Microsoft is very small, but this comes on the back of Microsoft growing for the 4th year in a row, and where Sony had its 3rd best performance out of 4 companies (on the back of its best performance last year).” Thomas Bideaux mentioned in his analysis.“Nintendo, on the other hand, has had its best E3, doubling the coverage they got last year. The Switch is clearly a commercial success and is also popular with the media. With a smaller lineup than its competitors, it is quite the performance for them. The wider 3rd party program, with Ubisoft’s partnership at the forefront, is likely a significant contribution.” he added.

But in a personal note by Thomas, Ubisoft and Nintendo are the real winners of this year’s E3. Thomas said that Nintendo did a great job, and that their press conference was “brilliantly executed”. While he commented that Ubisoft’s “stellar execution” of Beyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the highlights in the press conference.

ICO Partners always run an analysis every after E3, and if you’re wondering how they come up with the results, you can check their methodology here.

Editor’s Comment: While these are just numbers, I certainly think that Ubisoft had this year. – Lexuzze Tablante, Editor-in-Chief