Microsoft Will Not Force Xbox One Owners to Jump to Xbox Series X

Game company Microsoft recently released some details about the upcoming next-generation console Xbox Series X.

One of the details being talked about is how the game company will allow Xbox players to play all of the new games from Xbox Game Studios on their preferred console. It will not matter if they own the Xbox One or the newer versions Xbox One S and Xbox One X, or the upcoming Xbox Series X. They promise that the titles that will be released in the next couple of years will be available and play great on both current and next-gen consoles. They are not forcing the owners to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play exclusives. There will not be a generation exclusive for that matter.

Aside from the console, the games will not be left behind as well due to the backward compatibility feature. Players will be able to play four generations of games on Xbox Series X on day one. With this feature, it makes the console have the largest launch lineup for any new console ever with over thousands of games to play. If the owners have the games on their account since the Xbox One days, they can download it back to their Xbox Series X console at no additional cost.

The best part of this is that even the Xbox One gaming accessories will be compatible with the Xbox Series X console. The Xbox Elite Controller and the Xbox Adaptive Controller will all work on Xbox Series X, so there is no need to purchase new controllers.

The Xbox Series X will launch in the holidays 2020.

Source: Xbox Wire

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