Minecraft Adds The Incredibles DLC Today

Play as Frozone, the Incredible couple, Jack-Jack, and more!

Mojang Studios has recently revealed that Minecraft is now adding The Incredibles DLC.

Minecraft has been getting a lot of crossover DLCs that it became a tradition now from cartoons to other games in Minecraft form. It introduces new characters, skins, features, and more based on the theme of the DLC. Mojang Studios has been trying to keep the game as fresh as possible; this is the best method. Now, a new DLC has been announced.

The Incredibles DLC by Oreville Studios and Walt Disney Games is now available on Minecraft Marketplace. The theme is once again the world is in danger and players are again tasked to save the day. Players will be suiting up as their favorite Super and take on evil forces with their new abilities. Those who complete the DLC will get a free Character Creator Item: the Incredibles Supersuit.

The town of Municiberg is quite normal, but just like any town, it has a lot of villains creeping in the dark plotting to destroy humanity. These villains include the Omnidroid, Screenslaver, Underminer, and their evil companions.

Players will be joining Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone as they smash, sprint, and stretch their way into completing the top-secret mission of saving the world. Explore the Parr family home to rescue hypnotized civilians in the train station and dodging laser attacks by evil robots.

The DLC comes with nine skins based on the iconic characters from the movies and that includes Edna.