MLB The Show 23 Game Modes Explained

Learn how every game mode works in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 Game Modes Explained

Baseball fans can choose from a wide range of gameplay features in MLB The Show 23, the most recent installment in the series. Players will be able to explore a variety of modes that will let them make their own legendary start in baseball or experience once more some of the most iconic moments in MLB history. Read ahead and find out more about the various game modes that have been revealed so far.

All MLB The Show 23 Game Modes

Below are all the game modes found in the game including what players can do when trying them out:

  • Storylines (The Negro Leagues)
  • Diamond Dynasty
  • Road to The Show
  • Franchise Mode
  • March to October
  • Home Run Derby
  • Challenge of the Week
  • Online Co-op
  • Exhibition
  • Custom Practice
Game Modes - MLB The Show 23 - Storylines

Storylines (The Negro Leagues)

The Negro Leagues is actually an organization dedicated to African American baseball, players that players outside of the major leagues since the 1920s. In MLB The Show 23, players will get a chance to relieve their most iconic and beloved moments as it features 8 of the most prominent and legendary Negro League players that have made their mark on history. These 8 players are the following:

  • Buck O’Neil
  • Hank Thompson
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Hilton Smith
  • John Donaldson
  • Martin Dihigo
  • Rube Foster
  • Satchel Page

Since it is the first time that players will try this mode, they will realize how awe-inspiring these players were and how they manage to inspire the next generation of African American players to be part of Major League Baseball and more.

Game Modes - MLB The Show 23 - Franchise

Diamond Dynasty

In this mode, players will be able to make their own fantasy squad using a variety of players throughout history. Similar to WWE 2K23 MyFaction, players will need to play to earn new packs, which contain baseballs of different rarities featuring stars of the MLB league from the past and present. With this mode, there are a variety of matches they can choose from.

  • Battle Royale
    • An online feature where players can face online players in a maximum of 12 matches. Players who manage to win will get better rewards, but if they lose twice, they are eliminated instantly.
  • Casual
    • No rewards are given to players, but they will be able to test out their team against other players online.
  • Conquest
    • If players know how to play the board game Risk, they will be able to play this feature as players will need to battle opposing teams to take over territories with a chance of unlocking unexpected and great rewards.
  • Events
    • Special challenges appear every week, and there are requirements and conditions that players will need to read carefully as they will need specific players to compete against others online.
  • Showdown
    • Draft a team and choose perks that will boost the skills and stats of your team before taking on multiple challenges and eventually facing the final boss.
  • Ranked seasons
    • Using one’s well-built team, rise to the top and make it your goal to show off how well developed and strong your team is. Battle other players near your ranking, and players will not only improve their ranks but also receive great rewards.
Game Modes - MLB The Show 23 - Road to Show

Road to The Show

This game mode is considered the career mode of the game, where players can create their own baseball star and progress from the minors to the majors. As they progress, they will be able to unlock new perks and abilities that will strengthen their creations and customize their looks in ways that baseball fans have never even expected to see.

Franchise Mode

In this game mode, players will use existing teams that are active in the MLB. Not only that, they are able to manage, train, draft, and scout baseball players and hire coaches to train players. Players will be competing in a total of 162 games, and they are given the option to play all of them or have them automatically play depending on their play style.

March to October

It shares the same key features as Franchise mode, but players will be focusing mostly on key moments of their selection as they will be part of the World Series. Originally, this mode was a one-time deal in the previous MLB The Show game, but now players can experience what it means to get into the World Series.

Other Game Modes Found:

Aside from all the new and improved modes found in the game, there are other modes that players can try out:

  • Home Run Derby
    • Play online against your friends and score the most home runs within the time limit
  • Challenge of the Week
    • A set of challenges is set on a weekly basis, and players must complete them in order to reach the top of the leaderboards.
  • Online Co-op
    • Team up with players online or with your friends across a variety of platforms in 2v2 or 3v3 modes.
  • Exhibition
    • Play either online or offline in a casual baseball game of any difficulty against a variety of MLB teams with active rosters or past legends.
  • Custom Practice
    • A tutorial where players learn all the basic controls of playing MLB The Show 23 and learn to improve their skills.

And that’s how every game mode works in MLB The Show 23. If players like this guide, be sure to check out our other MLB The Show 23 articles.

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