Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo 3DS Soon

Sound the hunting horns! Nintendo just released a trailer for the upcoming localization of Monster Hunter X. The game is going to be called Monster Hunter Generations and it will be available on the Nintendo 3DS by Summer or 2016.

Not much info has been released about the game’s content yet since the trailer that was released was just the same trailer used for MHX but English-speaking fans who already played MHX would really be delighted to know that it will finally be localized. If you happen to have played or have seen some gameplay videos about MHX, then you might already know why this is called “Generations”. Additionally, it hasn’t been officially mentioned yet by Nintendo themselves but we already had an idea on what would be the “translated” names for the three out of the four flagship monsters, namely Raizex, Dinovalde, and Gamoot, thanks to the game’s collaboration with the clothing company Uniqlo.

You can watch the trailer yourself down below. Also, there’s a bonus video that shows Marth from the Fire Emblem series being a playable character for the collaboration of both games.