Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New Quest Gets Characters Beefed Up

Make your character look ripped!

CAPCOM has recently released the newest Event Quest for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak which offers a brand-new look for characters.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s latest update introduces a new Event Quest which introduces the Buff Body layered armor. While this is layered armor, this makes the character showcase their muscles as they are stripped naked to their underwear. Another quest is introduced where players will fight against a crown-sized monster.

In order to get the Buff Body armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, players will need to complete the “Hazard: Buffoon’s Buff Baboon Swoon” event quest. Players can claim it via the Courier and complete it by talking to the attendant at the Quest Counter. The quest will pit players against a gold-crown hazard Rajang in the Infernal Springs. The requirement to face this quest is Master Rant (MR) 10 or higher.

Completing each encounter in the quest will reward players with the Buff Badges needed to craft the layered armor. They will need at least four badges to fully craft the set. The Buff Body armor will be available as a craftable set at the Smithy. Select the Forge Layered Armor option and head to the Special Segment.

The other new event quest is called A Fire to Jyuratodouse. As the title suggests, this will be a fight against a crown-sized Jyuratodus. Complete the quest to acquire jewels that can be used to customize and power up gear.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.