Monster Hunter Rise Playable Demo Has Weird Stuttering Issue

After the launch of the playable demo of upcoming video game Monster Hunter Rise, several players have been complaining about a certain stuttering issue.

Players have been complaining about the problem for a while now after the release of the demo and it seems to be coming from a certain situation. Twitter user Laura Kate Dale posted on her official account that she suspects it could be due to account-based DRM. The weird thing was that if they are using their primary accounts, the stuttering issue would appear.

To make it weirder, Laura suggested a fix that was kind of odd. Players would only need to use a different account on their Nintendo Switch. Use a secondary user account with the same console and the same internet connection and it seems the stuttering would never occur at all.

Laura even stated that deleting and redownloading the demo would not even fix it. Only the weird fix would do for now. Hopefully CAPCOM or Nintendo would implement a fix later on.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The demo is now available for download.

Thanks DualShockers!