Monster Hunter Wilds latest gameplay video showcases immersive locales and new monsters

Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds has fans excited with its latest gameplay video during the recent State of Play livestream from Sony. Monster Hunter Wilds is the latest major installment of the franchise, and will exclusively launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Taking to the official PlayStation Blog, Capcom USA’s Social Media and Community Manager, Joseph Bustos unveiled major features that players will experience in Monster Hunter Wilds. It is said that the game will offer immersive environments to explore, encounter wildlife with their own “thoughts” and motivations,” thus bringing a “constantly changing Monster Hunter ecosystem to life.”

Environment changes due to extreme weather conditions. Not only that, but also monsters and everything in its environment will adapt depending on the overall conditions of the locales.

Capcom also shared new monsters coming to Monster Hunter Wilds which includes the fanged beast Doshaguma, a highly-territorial monster that sometimes be encountered in large packs. The Chatacabra that uses adhesive salive to attach ore and other substances from the enrvironment to strengthen its defensive capabilities.

It’s exciting to see the vast amount of new features, the mountable Seikret, and monsters coming to Monster Hunter Wilds, and we’re all excited for the game when it releases some time in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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