Sony Interactive Entertainment Rumored Paid for Monster Hunter World PC to be Delayed

A new rumor today suggests that game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has done something in order to delay the release of Monster Hunter World for PC.

monster hunter world pc

According to this new rumor that AsteriskAmpersand shared on Twitter, SIE actually paid the developers to release the PC version of MH World and its announcement of its existence pushed back. He even said that it was the same for the Iceborne expansion. Some are speculating that since the sales in Asia were good for SIE and Xbox were not that good, the only competitor was PC. They had to gain more sales first for their platform before another one entered. Another evidence he pointed out was that it was the reason why crossplay and cross-saves were not enabled in the first place.

Other commentors on the Twitter thread are now saying that this could probably happen with the MH Rise too. The PC version release and announcement will be pushed back as well so that the Switch version will be able to gain more sales first.

Take this with a grain of salt for now since CAPCOM and SIE have not officially confirmed this rumor.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.