Mortal Kombat 1 Official Banished Trailer Reveals Returning Characters

Every returning character that fans have been excited to come back are here and more to come!

NetherRealm Studios has finally revealed the new Mortal Kombat 1 Official Banished Trailer revealing returning characters that many MK fans have been waiting for.

Mortal Kombat 1 Official Banished Trailer Introduces the “Banished”

During EVO 2023, NetherRealm Studios shared a new trailer for upcoming video game Mortal Kombat 1 titled Official Banished Trailer. It features the new characters joining the ever-growing roster of MK1, which are the reborn Reptile, the demoness Ashrah, and the undead Havik. A new Kameo fighter was also revealed, which was Sareena.

Reptile Reborn

The video mainly focuses on the story of Reptile and his new background story as a good guy for once. Reptile, or in this iteration his real name is Syzoth, is a reptilian humanoid who could change from human to reptile at any time. In previous games he is usually portrayed as a warrior in service of Shao Khan, Mileena, or Shang Tsung and can be very dangerous. In this iteration, he seems to have an ego with morals and can differentiate between right and wrong.

Reptile meets up with the earth realmers Sub Zero and Johnny Cage with the latter somewhat in awe of Reptile’s powers. Johnny seems to like the guy and wants to be friends with him, unlike their past versions who were at each other’s throats. His design also seems to be based on the original green ninja version of Reptile but with different changes now that make him unique like the shoulder spikes, the green highlights, and tattoos. His reptile form is monstrous and deadly, but he only uses it only when necessary. NetherRealm’s decision to make Reptile’s shapeshift from human to reptile freely was a good choice too.

mortal kombat 1 ashrah

Ashrah the Beautiful Demon

Ashrah first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deception. She is a demon from the NetherRealm who has changed and is looking for absolution, but her demon sisters despise her for this. She uses a one-handed sword and has an “angel” form that fires feathers on enemies and then a “holy” ray of light that disintegrates them into ashes.

Havik and Sareena

Havik also came from Mortal Kombat: Deception and is a Cleric of Chaos. He is an anarchist from the Chaosrealm who only wants to destroy everything in his path. He can use his undead body and limbs in kombat to his advantage. Lastly, is Sareena, the new Kameo fighter who first appeared in Mortal Kombat mythologies: Sub-Zero and was playable in Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition.

The Colored Ninjas are Here Except For…?

Almost all colored ninjas have now appeared, except for Noob Saibot, which will be difficult to do since he is supposed to be Bi-Han, the first Sub Zero who got killed but revived by the nefarious Quanchi and corrupted to become the shadowy ninja. Now, Bi-Han and Kuai Liang are Sub Zero and Scorpion in Liu Kang’s new timeline and have become brothers, so in order to create the new Noob Saibot, it would either be a whole new ninja character or in the form of new treachery. Quanchi is an upcoming new fighter so it could still happen.

Mortal Kombat 1 launches on September 19, 2023. It will be available on PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.