Leak Exposes Multiple Silent Hill Projects Ahead of Livestream

This leak could be true as it lines up with various previous rumors too.

A new leak has potentially revealed the multiple Silent Hill projects just ahead of the upcoming stream.

The new information reveals the multiple Silent Hill projects that could be announced in the upcoming livestream called Silent Hill Transmission. The projects include a new Silent Hill movie, a remake of Silent Hill 2, and an entirely new title.

The leak was shown on the YouTube premiere video description of Silent Hill Official account. The phrase is gone now, but someone has already made a screenshot of it. The one who got the image was Twitter user Lance McDonald.

Silent Hill 2 was a placeholder before it got edited out from the video description. It also had a space that would have a link to the PlayStation Store.

The upcoming livestream will start its broadcast in five hours as of writing this article. This leak could be true but the stream could reveal more future projects.