Multiple Users Report Epic Games Launcher Has Increased Temperature of AMD Ryzen CPUs

Several reports from users revealed that booting up the Epic Games Launcher has increased the temperature of their PCs with AMD Ryzen CPUs even if they were idle.

Courtesy of Hot Hardware

Multiple users have posted on Reddit recently that their PCs have started to heat up after they have booted up the launcher even if it is just running in the background. This is surprising since it is only a launcher meant for maintaining the library and launching the titles.

It was revealed that the Ryzen CPUs would heat up to 20C and that is just even on idle mode. Nobody exactly knows what is happening here and many are concerned. Epic Games Store has not made a statement or has it made an update for this issue.

We, at Sirus Gaming, cannot confirm this issue however. Two of our members revealed that booting up the launcher does not heat up their AMD Ryzen CPUs and are at normal temperatures.

Source: Reddit and Hot Hardware