Naughty Dog: ‘This Is Chloe and Nadine’s Story and That’s It’, Unsure About The Franchise’s Future

Chloe and Nadine are set out to India for an adventure and this time, Nathan Drake will not be in the picture. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was initially revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016 as a full standalone title. A recent 13-minute demo gameplay video was also uploaded on YouTube to showcase how big one particular level is.

It has been noted that everybody expects another standalone project that will focus on other Uncharted characters like Sully and Cutter, however, according to the co-writer of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy that they don’t have any plans after this project and will focus on The Last of Us Part II‘s development.

Shaun Escayg, the creative director of this standalone Uncharted spin-off, said they don’t have any future plans after this project or it’s something that he doesn’t know yet — he told DualShockers in an interview.

[alert type=white ]”This world is huge, the stories are vast, the cast is vast, and there could be many stories told in this world. As far as Naughty Dog is concerned, this is Chloe and Nadine’s story and that’s it. We have no future plans past that, or at least I don’t know of any. We’ve been so focused on The Lost Legacy.”[/alert]

Shaun hopes that his team who worked on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will go on vacation. He already left ahead in advance days before the game went gold to start the press tour. And according to his statement that once he and his team gets back from vacation they will start to think of what they will do next.

[alert type=white ]”They’re going on vacation (laughs). We literally just went gold. I left the studio days before it went gold to start the press tour, so no one has even had an opportunity to think about what’s next. I’ll be going on vacation, and I hope my team goes as well. I’m sure once we get back we’ll start to assess what we’ll do next. Who knows?”[/alert]

This means that it’s either his team will help out in the development of The Last of Us Part II or probably a new spin-off or hopefully a new IP. Who knows?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy launches on August 22 on PS4.