NES Online App Rumored To Have SNES And More Emulators

A certain miner of data recently discovered that the NES Online App could actually have the SNES and other more emulators that might be appearing soon.

NES Online App rumors

The data miner recently uncovered a list of SNES games that was inside the online app after it was updated last month. This time another miner discovered something else and this could make things more interesting.

This new data miner revealed that there are four different emulator types within the online app. These are the Kachikachi (NES Classic), Canoe (SNES Classic), Hiyok, and Count. The last two are still unknown emulators. He revealed that the online app is essentially a port of the NES Classic emulator. The last two emulators could also indicate that there are more emulators coming soon. It could mean anything.

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