Netflix Castlevania: Nocturne Main Trailer Released

Richter Belmont is the new Vampire Slayer!

Netflix has recently released a new trailer for the upcoming anime series Castlevania: Nocturne.

The new Netflix Castlevania: Nocturne Main Trailer finally shows more scenes from the anime series. The first season will be set in 1792 and it follows the story of vampire slayer Richter Belmont who fights against the new vampiric threat during the French Revolution. New characters were revealed in the footage too like the characters Maria Renard and Annette, a Caribbean sorceress.

According to new details, Edward Bluemel will voice Richter Belmont, Maria Renard is voiced by Pixie Davies, and Thuso Mbedu will be Annette. The enemy is actually the legendary vampire Erzsebet Bathory who will be voiced by Franka Potente.

Castlevania: Nocturne is the direct sequel to the original Castlevania Netflix series. This anime series is based on the popular video game series Castlevania, but it has a different take in terms of story. For example, Castlevania: Nocturne does not have Dracula as the main villain because he comes to a different conclusion at the end of the original series.

Castlevania: Nocture airs on Netflix on September 28, 2023.