New CAPCOM Showcase to Provide News and Updates on Latest Titles

Big news on upcoming new games and possibly unannounced ones.

The next CAPCOM Showcase has been announced and it will take place next week offering news and updates on the latest titles.

CAPCOM Showcase Length and Schedule

According to a new tweet by CAPCOM USA, the game company will be hosting a new CAPCOM Showcase presentation next week. It will be a 36-minute show that will offer news and updates to its latest games. With the launch of CAPCOM’s latest flagship game, Street Fighter 6, it would not be possible to announce an upcoming new title yet, unless those two games already have some footage to show.

The CAPCOM Showcase will take place on Monday, June 12, 2023 at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET/11 PM BST.

The company said, “Tune in for the Capcom Showcase, a digital event bringing you the latest Capcom updates. We look forward to sharing new information about Capcom’s upcoming releases and future titles with our fans around the world.”

Games Not Suitable for Children

Fans watching the upcoming 36 minutes show have been warned that it will feature some games that “aren’t suitable for children.” That alone gives them a hint of what to expect next week.

Possible Updates on New Games

The developer has not clarified if it will be showing any unannounced games, but updates on the latest games are already confirmed. Upcoming titles like the most awaited Dragons Dogma 2 might get new updates. Hopefully, this time they will finally reveal the release window at least for the sequel since it has already shown gameplay footage.

Possible New Reveals

If there will be a reveal of unannounced titles, one of them would definitely be the next Monster Hunter entry. After ending the new content release for Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion, Sunbreak, it is about time that CAPCOM would reveal the next title for the franchise.

Summer Game Fest has also reported that CAPCOM Showcase will be included as part of its suite of presentations.