New GTA Online DLC Now Live! GTA Online Bikers!

Rockstar Games is happy to announce that the new free DLC for GTA Online is now live — GTA Online Bikers.

Grand Theft Auto Online continues to expand and evolve with new features for every kind of GTA player. The latest gameplay-packed update, Bikers gives players the long-awaited opportunity to be a member of a Los Santos or Blaine County biker gang, with the ability to form and run their own Motorcycle Clubs. Form an MC for up to 8 players and open a clubhouse to gain access to Clubhouse Missions, run new illicit biker businesses, tackle new Club Work and Challenges, fight with rival gangs and CEO’s, and collect 13 brand new vehicles, 7 new weapons and more.

There are various features added into the game which makes GTA Online a lot enjoyable:

  • Players can form a Motorcycle Club in-game.
  • Hierachy in every MC (Motorcycle Club). Be the President and hire your trusted friends to be your: Vice President, Road Captain, Sergeant at Arms, and Enforcer!
  • Players will have a suite of new gameplay options available to them. Clubhouse Contracts task MCs with missions, and Club Work and Challenges see MCs to compete both amongst themselves and against rival Clubs for cash, RP, and points toward promotions.
  • You can “Ride in Formation” on the road!
  • MC Businesses — Players who own a Clubhouse are eligible to purchase and maintain a variety of unsavory new businesses, including the manufacturing and selling of illegal drugs, forged documents, and counterfeit cash.
  • The Clubhouse — serves as a base of operations and a place for members to launch missions, play minigames, mod vehicles, or simply hang out. Each Clubhouse is customizable and includes a garage that can store 10 motorcycles along with 7 additional spots for MC members’ bikes.
  • 13 new vehicles, 7 new weapons, hundreds of new biker-themed clothing options, and new hairstyles.

GTA Online Bikers is now live for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It seems that the previous generations won’t be getting this big update.