New Gundam Breaker Officially Coming To PC And Worldwide

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Now for a surprise from game publisher Bandai Namco: the New Gundam Breaker will be coming to a new platform. It was supposed to be exclusive to the popular Sony console.

New Gundam Breaker now coming to PC

Bandai Namco made a surprising move: they will release their upcoming Gundam video game on PC via Steam and on the PlayStation 4. The game company will release the game on western shores this coming June 22. The Japanese version will launch one day early, June 21.

Upcoming Gundam game will have heroines

The game company surprisingly revealed that the upcoming Gundam game will have six heroines. They will have a relationship with the main protagonist. He can deepen his relationship with them as the story progresses.

Bandai Namco revealed the names of some characters: Yui Mikagura, Iori Koura, Marika Sakurai, Shion Daikuji, Ryouko Ootori, and Chinatsu Kamisaka. A Japanese high school will be the setting of the game.

Check out the two new trailers below:



Check out the official website here.

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