Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Guide: Two New Techniques

New Director’s Cut Techniques, Mastery of Nature

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut features three new techniques to level up as you develop Jin’s legend on Iki Island. The first two techniques are exploration-based: Wind of Harmony and Wind of Concentration; the third is combat-based: the Horse Charge.

The wind of harmony technique will lead you to the new animal sanctuary locations; these are beautiful respites between instances of Mongol fighting. Occasionally these sanctuaries will require liberating a Mongol fort to stop the Mongol brutalization of the wildlife.

Once these sanctuaries are unlocked, you may play a new mini-game in which you play a song for an animal by physically moving your controller up and down along the song stream. Upon completion of an animal sanctuary, you will receive a spiffy new headband.

The second exploration technique is the Wind of Concentration. This technique leads your guiding wind to various archery challenges across Iki Island, where the locals are sure to heckle you about your archery skills. Iki’s archery challenges are timed sharpshooting mini-games where you shoot a set of paper lanterns with varying degrees of difficulty.

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Depending on your time, you earn bronze, silver, or gold medals; these challenges reward you with charms upon completion.

Lastly is my favorite technique added to the Director’s Cut: the powerful Horse Charge technique. Horse Charge is granted to you early on by simply playing the Tales of Iki questline. Each upgrade will cost you one technique point and either increase damage or reduce resolve usage.

To use the Horse Charge technique, hold down L1 while sprinting on horseback. Nothing is more satisfying than cutting down hordes of Mongol warriors with this technique.

Horse charge uses the resolve meter, so keep track of how much resolve you burn before you find yourself in a brutal fight with no way to recover health. Your best use-case for the horse charge is ramming through those pesky Mongol crowds that litter Tsushima and always are stopping you in your tracks.

Now you can just charge right through them and get to the next animal sanctuary because we know you want to find them all, and we do too.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is now available on PS4 and PS5.