Next-Gen Added: PS4 and Wii U

The first 8th generation console to be released was the Nintendo Wii  U last November 2012, packing up with a tri-core CPU along with a bulky controller with a stylus that almost works like a tablet. Nintendo has been known with their original Nintendo exclusive games like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and other games with family-oriented and casual gameplay. This is not bad, I tell you. There are gamers out there that still loves this kind of games, and the great thing about Nintendo’s games is that they’re fun to play with friends or family. Our staff member, Dave Acuña, has chosen to buy the system and will mainly review Wii U games starting from now on. He will be working on a review of a 2013 action-adventure game and a Nintendo exclusive, Wonderful 101. Stay tuned for his review!


Now, heading to the Sony corner, the PlayStation 4 was released after a year when the Wii U was added on the shelves. The PS4 is packed with a powerful 8-core AMD processor with an x86 architecture, and also built-in GPU on the processor chip which is known as an APU from AMD that is used by regular PCs. I can totally say that this is a small PC with a customized OS and is meant purely for gaming with a certain lifespan. The DualShock 4 controller have changed in terms of looks and its features and is far from how the classic DualShock controllers were designed. This console is considered to be the powerful 8th generation game box (no fanboyism here) according to sources and performance. Also, the PS4 runs natively on 1080p and movies can run up to 4K resolution, unfortunately the machine is not yet fit run games in 4K (looks at PCMasterRace).

Mainly, games for the PS4 are graphically intense especially their exclusive titles like Uncharted, Killzone Shadow Fall, the remastered version of The Last Of Us, and more. There are not much ‘exclusive’ titles on Sony’s console and which is considered to be its fallback; but with its new architecture and how easy to develop games now for the PS4, the library of games will expand.

I bought the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 Bundle for only Php 21,995.00 ($479) at our local videogame store, Datablitz. From now on, I will be reviewing games mainly on the PS4 but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be reviewing games on the PC. I’ll be writing a review of the 4th and an exclusive title of the PS4, KILLZONE SHADOW FALL. But first, I’ll have to finish KILLZONE 2, and KILLZONE 3 on the PS3 before proceeding on Shadow Fall.



That’s all everyone! Now, Sirus Gaming has stepped into the next-generation consoles and we only lack one more system: XBOX ONE. I’m thinking that one of our writers will be getting his Xbox One within this year.

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