Nintendo Confirms eShop Payment in Russia Suspended

Gaming industry starting to make their own moves.

It was confirmed that the Russian Nintendo eShop has been suspended and players will not be able to process payments at this time.

After it was noted recently that the Nintendo eShop was not able to process payments, it got the Russian gamers confused as to why they were not able to buy games. Since the only status message that the eShop released said “temporarily placed into maintenance mode,” it was a bit vague for them.

Did Nintendo suddenly close up shop and might possibly not come back due to the current Russian-Ukraine war? Russian gamers were really worried now.

On the official support page of the Nintendo’s Russian website, it said, “Due to the fact that the payment service used in Nintendo eShop has suspended the processing of payments in rubles, Nintendo eShop in Russia is temporarily placed into maintenance mode. We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” Nintendo concludes, noting it will “share updates as the situation develops.”

It seems this is not Nintendo’s doing as well. As noted by other media outlets, it seems this is the work of a third-party. Nintendo itself has not made any statement in regards to the current situation. Microsft, EA, CD Projekt RED, and many other studios have already made their own moves of suspending sales of their products in Russia.