Nintendo Online Network Services Suddenly Went Offline Globally

Everyone was enjoying their online gaming session with their Nintendo gadgets, when all of a sudden it went offline. Even Eshop was not accessible. Nintendo Online Network Services has suddenly gone silent.

Nintendo Online Network Services seems to have problems

The online service is down now as we speak and everyone around the world is experiencing it. The game company actually confirmed the network failure and even added that it is happening to all online services that they have. No Eshop and no online gaming for Nintendo Switch owners for now.

The company confirmed that the network failure started on March 17 at 17:56 Japan Standard Time. Owners of the Switch console who would visit the Eshop would get an error after booting it up.

The current issue is being worked on by the gaming company as soon as possible. They asked that the gaming community should be patient and allow them to work on it.

The Europe and Japanese branches were the current ones who commented on this. The American branch did not do it yet. There is still no clear information on what caused this problem.

Thanks DualShockers.