Nintendo Adds Four Classic SEGA Genesis Games for Nintendo Switch Online

All Your Base Belong to Us!

Nintendo has recently announced the addition of four new classic SEGA Genesis titles for the Nintendo Switch Online members.

Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pack members will be able to download and play these new classic SEGA Genesis titles on the Switch console. Aside from the announcement, it also has a short trailer that showcases the gameplay for each title. It gives players what to expect in these awesome titles from the SEGA Genesis era.

The first title is Zero Wing, which is a side-scrolling shooter where the famous All Your Base Belongs to Us phrase comes from. The best part is that the mistranslations and grammatical errors are still there, which is a big nostalgia factor for the game. The second title is Comix Zone, a beat-em-up game and was also part of the SEGA Genesis Classics bundle in the past. The third title is Target Earth, a run and gun shooter, which has another name, Assault Suits Leynos.

The fourth title is actually a compilation of games, which is Mega Man The Wily Wars. It combines the first three Mega Man games and a fourth new game called Wily Tower. Just like the original launch, complete all three games first to unlock Wily Tower.

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