Nintendo Switch Owners Having Issues with Downloading Stuff After Firmware Update

Nintendo Switch Lite

Players who own the Nintendo Switch and have recently updated to the latest firmware have reported they are having issues.

It was reported that these users were getting error code 2123-1502, which makes them unable to download purchased games from their store history for some reason. It does offer them steps on how to fix the problem, but it does nothing for them.

Nintendo has recently released a new firmware update, but was quickly pulled out due to some issues. It was discovered that it could cause network connectivity and microSDXC card issues. At a later time, the rollout continued with a FAQ page that would give support to those who are having issues.

The support page did not help at all, claimed some players. There was even a long thread on Reddit recently sharing their details of what has happened to their consoles.

In the meantime, do not let your Nintendo Switch update automatically for now. Nintendo still needs to make this work.

Thanks Eurogmer!