Nintendo Switch Sales Reach 103.5 Million Units; Currently Company’s Best-Selling Console

Ex-Rank 1 Wii has been toppled from its throne!

Nintendo is proud to announce the Nintendo Switch sales and it becoming the best-selling console for the game company.

The latest financial results for the third quarter of the game company ending December 31, 2021 revealed sales of Nintendo Switch now 103.5 million units. This takes the crown of best-selling home console for them, which has toppled the Wii from its throne. The latter had lifetime sales that reached 101.6 million units before it ended its production a while ago.

At the Q3 period, the Nintendo Switch sales had 18.95 million with the standard version selling 11.76 million units, Switch Lite with 3.17 million units, and the new OLED with 3.99 million units.

While the Switch has gained the crown for home console sales, it still has a lot of ways to go before it can reach the sales of Wii’s software. The Nintendo Switch only has 766.4 million units while the Wii had more or less 921.9 million units. Yes, ways longer to go for sure.

The best-selling title for the Nintendo Switch is still Mario Kart 8 Deluxe though with 43.35 million units sold. It is followed by Animal Crossing: New Horizons with 37.6 million units sold.

Nintendo Switch is going strong and will be in production longer.