Nintendo Switch Sales Reaches New Milestone; Surpasses PS4 Numbers

Overtakes classic Nintendo handheld too.

A new report states that the Nintendo Switch sales have now reached a new milestone and have surpassed the PS4 sales numbers.

According to Nintendo, the company has sold 122.55 million Switch console systems as of December 31, 2022, a significant increase from its previous 114 million sales. It has now officially surpassed the Game Boy and Game Boy Color Sales, which were at 118.69 million units while Sony’s PS4 was at 117.2 million sales.

While it has surpassed both the Game Boy and PS4, it is still second to the highest-selling Nintendo handheld system, the Nintendo DS which sold 154.02 million.

The Nintendo Switch system sold 14.91 million units during FY 2023 which is an overall drop of 21.3 percent compared to FY 2022. The Switch OLED, however, has a significant boost in sales with a 92.5 percent increase.

Here are the sales of Nintendo consoles and handhelds throughout the years:

ConsoleTotal Sales
DS154.02 Million
Switch122.55 Million
Game Boy118.69 Million
Wii101.63 Million
Game Boy Advance81.51 Million
3DS75.94 Million
Family Computer / NES61.91 Million
Super Family Computer / SNES49.10 Million
N6432.93 Million
GameCube21.74 Million
Wii U13.56 Million
nintendo switch

Nintendo explained the reason for the Switch not selling well in 2023. The cause primarily is the shortage of semiconductors and other component supplies. This has now affected hardware production until around later summer. Software sales have also fallen by 7 percent and Nintendo thinks it is also part of the decline in hardware sales.

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