Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 11.0.0 Adds New Icons, Sharing Features and More

Game company Nintendo recently released a brand-new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch console.

Firmware version 11.0.0 just rolled out recently adding a lot of content for console owners to check out. The update was quite heavy with content as it adds a lot of quality-of-life features. It was announced on the official Twitter account of the game company.

The post revealed that players could wirelessly transfer photos and videos from their Nintendo Switch to a smartphone. This will make it easier for them to transfer photos and videos instead of posting them via social media. They can do this with a QR code, which is quite convenient. They can also transfer them via a USB connection to their PCs.

There is also the addition of the Trending feature. It adds a section on the Switch’s profile page, which is just below the Friend List tab. It allows them to see what trending games their friends are playing currently.

Aside from that, the update allows players to choose to automatically download save data that has been stored in the cloud. This will now make it easier to switch data from one device to another. They can also now choose which downloads to be prioritized. 12 new user icons have been added and they commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series.

Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide.

Source: Official Website

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