No Man’s Sky Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Beautiful Trailer

It also includes a tease of upcoming Frontiers Update.

Game company Hello Games is celebrating the fifth anniversary of popular video game No Man’s Sky with a trailer.

Hello Games Founder Sean Murray shared a new trailer that showcases their journey of development starting from five years ago, way back in August 9, 2016. The video consisted of the early days of their studio with a small team of six members and a meager room to work on their most popular game to grace the gaming industry.

At first it had issues like bugs appearing a lot, frame slowdowns, and a lot more. This disappointed the fans who were really hyped on its reveal. The team then had 15 members after launch, but they were already overwhelmed by the number of complaints from the players. They did not get depressed though and pushed through with the fixes and improvements. They did not make any announcements later on and just made sure it would run smoothly and it actually worked.

no man's sky fifth anniversary

With the Foundation Update, players were able to do Base Building and made them come back again to play. This also became the solid start that Hello Games needed to launch more free content.

Murray noted that the Next update was an important part of the game’s post-content improvements. It made the game like a new one by introducing multiplayer in 2018. It motivated the team to work harder in the year later.

Beyond added PlayStation VR to the gameplay mechanics. It gave players a whole new different perspective in gameplay with experiencing the whole space travel in virtual reality.

This year, a new update is coming soon and it is possibly launching within this month. Murray revealed it to be Frontiers and a tease was shown in the trailer near at the end. He teases that is the “missing piece of the sci-fi fantasy” that they have always wanted to add. It will be a very fitting for No Man’s Sky fifth anniversary.

No Many’s Sky is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, PS VR, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.