No Time to Explain coming to PlayStation 4 Next Week

No Time to Explain has now sold 200k copies overall. Five years ago tinyBuild GAMES promised to bring it to PlayStation. However, it was a rocky trip – and in explaining why the original release sucked, Alex Nichiporchik (CEO) said “we’re about to release No Time To Explain on Xbox One, and a “Remastered” version on Steam. The game’s finally been rebuilt in a proper engine (Unity), with developers who actually know how to code games. Neither Tom Brien or I — the pair who started tinyBuild four years ago — know how to code properly. We can do rapid prototyping, but we’re in no way professional programmers. This is one of the main reasons why the original release of No Time to Explain sucked. I’ve had this weight on my shoulders for four years, and it seems the right time to finally tell the story of how tinyBuild was nearly killed off before it had even begun. This is also an explanation of why the original release of No Time To Explain had so many issues.

Read their Official blog post on PlayStation Blog and watch the No Time To Explain PS4 Trailer here:

No Time to Explain was the first ever game from tinyBuild. It was the game that brought the company together, and funded our first foray into the world of publishing.

Almost exactly five years ago, we launched the game on Kickstarter. This was pre-Double Fine Adventure, when making any money at all on Kickstarter was deemed a great success, and we were one of these first Kickstarter video game successes.

Video game campaigns on Kickstarter get a lot of flak, thanks in part to developers not completely fulfilling their promises, and sometimes simply not following through on creating their games at all.

That’s why, for me personally, getting to finally take No Time to Explain all the way from Kickstarter, to troubled release, to Steam, and now finally PlayStation 4, is a dream come true. Seeing No Time on PlayStation was a pipedream, and yet here we are now, PlayStation-bound.

It’s the end of an era for myself and fellow tinyBuild co-founder Tom Brien, and we couldn’t have done it without such a wonderful, loving community around tinyBuild and No Time to Explain.

No Time to Explain will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 29.

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