Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula Map Gets Disabled

All of this is caused by one buggy character.

Blizzard has temporarily removed Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula map from all modes due to a variety of issues.

Season 5 of Overwatch 2 has recently started and players are already enjoying the new fantasy-themed cosmetics, challenges, and more. This new season has also introduced a new controversy, which is the upcoming Season 6 update that will introduce a $15 bundle that will allow access to new story content. While it has been a mixed bag of a launch, it also comes with its own system bugs and issues. One of them is a map that needed some fixing.

Overwatch 2 Maps Disabled Due to Character Exploit

Blizzard has now temporarily disabled the Antarctic Peninsula from all modes due to performance issues when specific heroes join the map. The blog post did not mention which specific hero/s were affected, but it is clearly Mercy, which had an exploit that allowed her to use the pistol and staff simultaneously on the Paraiso map. The exploit also caused to break the game with problematic performance issues for everyone else in the lobby. The map was also removed to prevent other Mercy players from doing the same thing to other players.

Here are the current issues that the game has, which were posted on the blog:

Current Issues

  • We’re investigating an issue with Season 4 Competitive Titles not being issued for some players.
  • Due to a bug with some of our audio plug-ins, we are experiencing and issue with the “Team Radio” feature. Distant voicelines from your team members might sound more present than usual.
  • We have disabled the Paríaso and Antarctica: Pennesula map as we investigate an issue with performance when certain heroes are played.
  • We are investigating an issue with Kiriko’s Swift Step not reaching teammates correctly
  • We are investigating an issue with first-person camera movement not working when using certain abilities
  • Career Profile may not be updating correctly for console players
  • Some players are experiencing an LC-208 error, and the team is currently investigating a fix for this issue.

Overwatch 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.