Overwatch 2 Community Concerned with ‘Disturbing’ Reports from Players

some skins and victory poses are suddenly gone from the Hero Gallery.

The Overwatch 2 community is a bit worried about these “disturbing” reports of players spotting something from the Hero Gallery.

In Overwatch 2, players can collect various additional voice lines, cosmetics, skins, weapon charms, and victory poses either by winning games, leveling up the Battle Pass, or purchasing them directly in the store. Players can then use them to customize their characters with their collected content to create a unique look and feel for the characters they control in battle. This content should be available for everyone forever if they have them in their accounts, but some now claim these are getting deleted secretly.

Some players have expressed their concerns about the sudden removal of cosmetic content from the game. Some of the content that is gone is both Orisa voice line “Who says chivalry is dead?” and Bastion’s Summer Game medal victory pose. Some say that these items are now gone from the Hero Gallery in Season 6.

“These aren’t super important cosmetics for the majority of players, but still it’s horrible to know that things you paid for, aren’t accessible for you. The fact there was no real big backlash from the community’s side is really dangerous, cause it shows Blizzard they can do whatever they want,” a player pointed out.

Another player claimed that the cosmetics are not just removed from the Hero Gallery, but they are now gone from existence.

“I still technically have the Bastion medal pose equipped, so whenever I’m on the winning team my Bastion is just stood there A-posing, it’s hilarious and I hope it never gets fixed,” the player pointed out.

There has been no word from Blizzard to explain this bizarre change, but some speculate this could be a bug that a patch accidentally introduced when it got installed.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.