Overwatch 2 Female Character Becomes Pornhub’s Top Searched Individual Again

She even defeats legendary adult actresses!

New reports reveal that this particular Overwatch 2 female character has once again become the top searched 3D porn again in a particular adult streaming site.

Which adult streaming site? Well, Pornhub of course! After Overwatch 2’s launch as a free-to-player shooter, many have rekindled their admiration for the game. Some are fanboying at the female characters in a good and rather bad way as well and on top of that list, it is the sexy mech-pilot D.Va. Astonishingly, this huge search on D.Va was not on Google, but rather on said adult-streaming site.

The impressive part of this new report (via Kotaku)? When a “guest” searches on Pornhub right now, D.Va actually outranks the best adult actresses in the adult industry like Nina Kayy and other legends. Well, the pumpkin keyword is still on the top since Halloween is just around the corner. D.Va is currently in fourth place which is still an accomplishment.

While D.Va is still in the top rankings, other characters might join in soon like Kiriko or even the Junker Queen. Way back in the original game, Mei had quite the following so who knows?

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.