Overwatch 2 Does Not Have Definite Release Date

Overwatch 2 new team

Game director Jeff Kaplan recently revealed what the developers’ plans are for the release date of upcoming video game sequel Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 release date indefinite, for now

Kaplan revealed that he has no idea when the game will be launched because it is still in development. He said that it still has a long way to go before it will be fully ready for players to try out. He revealed this information during a panel at BlizzCon 2019. What they care about is to make the sequel great, which is why they do not have a release date in mind for now.

The game director said that he is not saying that to avoid giving hints of what is to come. He just genuinely does not have an answer for it.

I know it’s a lame answer, I’m super sorry, and it’s not like this top secret thing that the last thing we want is to tell players. It’s just that we don’t know. What’s important to us at Blizzard, on all our games, is that the game is awesome and the players are like ‘Yes, this is ready and now’s the time.’

Kaplan then finished with a response that the safest answer he can give is that the game will not be out this year, and Blizzard will most likely talk about it again at BlizzCon 2020. The development team will go dark after the event in order to focus on the game.

Here’s the trailer:

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