Overwatch League Reveals Summer Showdown Tournament Starting June 13


The Overwatch League recently announced its Summer Showdown, which is a tournament that will run over the next four weeks of its season.

This new tournament will be similar to the one that happened last month, which was the May Melee. It was well-received by everyone.

The tournament will start on June 13 and will last three weeks of June. All 20 teams will play qualifier matches, which will consist three per team in North America and four in Asia. Team records, map scores, and standard tiebreakers in those qualifier matches will determine team seeding in two regional tournaments in North America and Asia.

The prize pool for both tournaments has a combined amount of $275,000 USD.

A final tournament in a similar format will happen after the Summer Showdown with qualifier matches and bracket play in Asia and North America. After that, there will be balancing matches to get all teams to 21 matches played before playoffs begin. The 2020 playoffs will be played without a Hero Pool.

The Overwatch League will make it easier for teams to prepare for the tournaments by making some changes to the Hero Pool system. There will be single Hero Pool that will be determined first before the start of the June matches and will remain in effect for Weeks 19 and 20 of the qualifier matches.

Source: Press Release