Party Animals Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

Party Animals Weapon Tier List - Best Weapons Ranked

In the adorable and hilarious world of Party Animals, choosing the right weapon can be the key to victory. Whether you’re brawling it out in multiplayer madness or tackling coop challenges, your choice of weapon matters. To help you choose the best weapons in Party Animals, we’ve put together a tier list that ranks these wacky weapons from the best to worst.

We’ve carefully evaluated each weapon, considering factors such as usability and effectiveness in various scenarios. You can acquire and use these weapons easily during multiplayer games in Party Animals, as they appear randomly during the game.



S-Tier (Excellent)

Ice Gun, Baseball Bat, Hammer, Bomb

A-Tier (Great)

Pan, Tennis Racket, Spinach

B-Tier (Good)

Nunchucks, Crossbow

C-Tier (Average)

Shovel, Plunger, Lollipop

D-Tier (Below Average)


F-Tier (Weak)


S-Tier Weapons (Excellent)

S-Tier weapons in Party Animals are the most potent and practical choices, offering exceptional advantages in battle.

Ice Gun

Ice Gun S Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Ice Gun stands atop the tier list due to its exceptional crowd control potential. This long-range weapon fires icy pellets that instantly freeze opponents upon impact. It’s a game-changer, especially in team-based scenarios, allowing you to immobilize foes from a safe distance. However, its drawback is that these freezing pellets can be deflected by weapons or objects, making precise aiming crucial.

Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat S Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Baseball Bat earns its place in the top tier with its fantastic balance of speed and power. Its swift swings and impressive reach make it a favorite among players. Yet, it’s essential to remember that this weapon is melee-only, requiring you to get up close and personal to make an impact.


Hammer S Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Hammer’s brute force delivers devastating knockback and damage. When wielded skillfully, it can control the battlefield by sending opponents flying. However, its slow swing speed can leave you vulnerable to faster adversaries.


Bomb S Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Bomb secures its place in S-Tier with its potential for explosive chaos. It may have a longer fuse than expected, but its delayed detonation can catch opponents off-guard. The strategic use of the Bomb can turn the tide of battle. Nevertheless, its timer gives opponents a window to escape the blast radius.

A-Tier Weapons (Great)

A-Tier Weapons in Party Animals are great choices, offering strong performance and versatility, but they may lack some of the extreme strengths found in S-Tier weapons.


Pan A Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Pan’s versatility and decent reach land it in the A-Tier. Its swings are powerful and adaptable, making it a go-to choice for those who like options in battle. However, its damage output is not as high as some top-tier weapons.

Tennis Racket

Tennis Racket A Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Tennis Racket secures a spot in the A-Tier thanks to its agility and ease of use. It delivers swift hits, making it a solid choice for players who prioritize quick strikes. However, it doesn’t pack as much punch as higher-tier weapons.


Spinach A Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

A can of Spinach is a game-changer when consumed, granting a temporary boost to melee attacks like Popeye the Sailor Man. This enhancement can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Yet, its power should be used judiciously, as the increased speed and jump height can also lead to accidental self-launching off the stage.

B-Tier Weapons (Good)

B-Tier weapons are good options, offering solid functionality and usefulness, but they may not provide the same level of power or versatility as higher-tier weapons.


Nunchucks B Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Nunchucks offer a unique blend of speed and power, allowing for rapid, heavy strikes. Their quick recharge rate makes them an excellent choice for close combat. However, players must exercise caution, as excessive swinging can result in self-knockouts. These weapons also shine in their ability to disarm opponents, adding a layer of strategic depth.


Crossbow B Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Crossbow claims its spot in the B-Tier due to its ranged advantage. Firing plunger bolts that immobilize opponents helps in pinning down enemies. One significant advantage is that its bolts won’t harm the wielder if they miss their target, eliminating the risk of self-inflicted damage. Additionally, a headshot with the Crossbow can knock out an opponent instantly.

C-Tier (Average)

C-Tier weapons are average selections, offering decent performance but without any standout features, making them reliable but not exceptional.


Shovel C Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Shovel holds its ground in the C-Tier, offering a decent range for close encounters. It excels at knocking opponents out and sending them flying, making it a dependable choice. However, some players may notice that it handles differently than other weapons, affecting balance during use.


Plunger C Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Plunger, although it may not seem to have a significant impact, its unique ability to attach to and drag opponents can catch them by surprise. Despite its lack of drawbacks, its limited knock-out power means it leans more towards annoyance than dominance in battles.


Lollipop C Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

Sweeten the battlefield with the Lollipop, adding a touch of fun to your fights. It’s a straightforward weapon to pick up and use, making it accessible even for beginners. Swing the Lollipop with a swift, decisive motion to knock out an opponent. While it may not match the effectiveness of higher-tier weapons, its charm lies in its accessibility rather than raw power.

D-Tier (Below Average)

D-Tier weapons are below average, falling short in terms of effectiveness and utility.


Boomerang D Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Boomerang’s novelty places it in the D-Tier. To use the Boomerang effectively, you need to aim it at your opponent with precision and timing. With the right angle and timing, you can deliver a surprise attack that knocks out unsuspecting enemies. However, its distinct shape makes it challenging to pick up and wield effectively, leaving players vulnerable to counterattacks and contributing to its lower ranking.

F-Tier (Weak)

F-Tier weapons are the weakest choices, with limited impact and effectiveness in battles, best avoided overall.


Taser F Tier Weapon - Party Animals Weapon Tier List

The Taser, commonly known as a stun gun, finds itself in the F-Tier due to its limited effectiveness in the heat of battle. To use it, you aim and shoot paralyzing taser rounds at opponents. While it can briefly stun opponents, its overall utility falls short compared to higher-tier weapons. It lacks the versatility and power to compete effectively in the dynamic game environment.

Please note that this tier list is a general guideline and should be taken with a grain of salt. Player skill, playstyle, and situational awareness can greatly influence the effectiveness of each weapon. It’s also essential to consider the game mode and objectives when choosing a weapon in Party Animals. Experiment with different weapons to find the ones that suit your preferences and playstyle the best.