Payday 3 Denuvo Technology Confirmed

It's been confirmed on the Steam Page.

Deep Silver and Starbreeze Studios have recently confirmed that Payday 3 will make use of the controversial Denuvo technology.

Payday 3 Has Denuvo

It has been revealed in a new change on the game’s Steam page that the upcoming video game sequel Payday 3 will be using the controversial anti-tamper technology Denuvo. This will be on top of the developer’s own Starbreeze Nebula activation service, which is surprising since this particular feature is already quite stable in terms of security. This could affect the performance of the game on PC, unfortunately, as it will go through various security measures before it will load up on the screen.

Reason for Always-Online Connection

This will also hinder players from playing the game should the internet connection go down. Denuvo needs to connect online for a short while to confirm it so if it cannot sense online connection, it will not allow the game to load. This could be one of the reasons that Starbreeze Studios warned players that the game will need an always-online connection to play this game.

History of DRM

Denuvo or the DRM security measure has become quite popular lately especially with triple A titles. It is a way to prevent piracy of their games for at least a year or two. Some games have been cracked but it took a while before it was pirated. This is quite a great investment for game companies but it does come with a price: there have been many reports that confirm that DRM impedes the performance of the games affected. Performance is slowed down, some lag, and in worse cases, it crashes games.

There have been no reports of such issues on Payday 3 yet, but after it launches on September 21, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, there might be some appearing soon.

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