Persona 3 Reload Gameplay and Character Details Revealed

A whole new cast for the English dub!

Atlus recently debuted a new Persona 3 Reload gameplay video with new character details.

Persona 3 Reload, the modern remake of the original Persona 3 game, was recently announced during Summer Game Fest 2023. It was a big celebration for fans since they were waiting for this to happen for a very long time. Some new details have been trickling down online for a while now, but recently at Anime Expo 2023, a new gameplay video was released showcasing how the game would look in its remake version.

Persona 3 Reload Clip Shows Brand-New Visuals

The new gameplay video reveals how different the remake is from the original. In the past, exploration was top-down, and one could only point and click on characters that are standing statically in the scene. There was a limit to the hardware at that time so it was difficult to change it into something similar to Persona 4 where NPCs were walking around for the first time. The remake of Persona 3 has been transformed exactly into that with better visuals, full 3D model characters, and dubbed dialogue.

New English Voice Actors

Aside from the details about familiar party members like Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Fuuka, the panel at the Anime Expo revealed the new English voice actors for the game. This included Heather Gonzalez (Yukari Takeba), Alejandro Saab (Akihiko Sanada), Suzie Yeung (Fuuka Yamagishi), Zeno Robinson (Junpei Iori), Aleks Le (Protagonist) and Allegra Clark (Mitsuru Kirijo).

Persona 3 Reload launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 in early 2024.

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