Persona 6 Leak Reveals New Details and Announcement Plans

New info on Persona 6 dropped!

A known Atlus insider has recently posted on social media new details about the company’s announced plans for Persona 6.

Next month, July 13, 2023, will be the two-year anniversary of Atlus officially confirming that Persona 6 is in development. While the company has not made any moves on sharing new details about its upcoming title ever since new insider information has now been discovered. Twitter user MbKKssTBhz5, aka Midori, is known for their detailed information of their leaks and this time it seems they have some for Persona 6.

Persona 6 Development by New Atlus Team

Midori posted on their Twitter account new details about Persona 6 in a series of June 30 tweets. The first detail they shared was the upcoming games’ big difference in presentation compared to its predecessors. They elaborated that the sixth entry to the main Persona series will be largely made by a new team at Atlus, suggesting that the company revamped its development structure several years back. They think Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica are the first two post-restructuring projects.

New Big Announcement Window

The sequel is still in deep development and any big announcements will not happen anytime, but Midori claims Atlus was originally planning to reveal it a long time ago. It is still unclear what happened to make them change their plans for the reveal, but the insider claims that the team behind the sequel now intends to announce Persona 6 in 2024.

Midori claims that the game will be announced together with another Persona spinoff with a code name Asa. There are actually numerous code names for Persona 6 and one of them is Carbon, which many sources corroborate too.

The insider currently only knows one platform for Persona 6 and that is the PS5. It could be released on other platforms at a later time though.

Persona 6 is now in development.