Phasmophobia Progression Update Delayed

Console release still coming.

Kinetic Games has recently announced that the upcoming Phasmophobia Progression Update delayed to next month.

Phasmophobia Progression Update Delayed

The developer had promised that an upcoming progression update will be released later this month. This would introduce leveling version 2.0, overhaul the rewards, upgrade the equipment, add prestiges, overhaul evidence, and a surprise addition. Today, they have a change of plans.

Kinetic Games has now decided to give the progression update a little bit more time. It will be delayed for another two weeks in order to “get it all wrapped up and ready to go in mid-August.” The developers want to deliver the update just right, so they really appreciate the patience of the users.

Console Release Still a Go

The developers did promise that they have no plans to delay the console release, which is still going to launch in late August 2023. They note that they are still assessing this so there could be changes along the way.

Kinetic Games tease that there could be some fun sneak peeks along the way as they might be dropping some hints.

Phasmophobia is currently available on PC.