Phil Spencer and Microsoft Supports Epic Games Against Apple

Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has expressed his support for Epic Games ongoing fight against Apple.

Microsoft filed a new statement recently to show support to Epic Games and wanted to make it clear their stance. Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill stated that the Epic Unreal Engine is a very important tool for developers that need to be available to everyone. Since Apple wants to cut off Epic Games access to such tools like the ones from Unreal, it will be cause problems for them.

Spencer stated that he wants to ensure that Epic Games has access to the latest Apple technology. It is the right thing for the gamer developers and gamers.

Seems Microsoft also has its own beef with Apple after earlier this month with the incident with the xCloud not able to launch on iOS devices. It seemed Apple was blocking the app for some reason.

The epic climax might just happen this coming Aug. 28 since it is the deadline. Stay tuned.

Thanks DualShockers!