Pikmin 4 Demo Now Available with 7-Minute Overview Trailer

New overview trailer released.

Nintendo has recently released the playable Pikmin 4 demo today with a new overview trailer.

Pikmin 4 Demo Now Available

The new Pikmin 4 playable demo can now be downloaded on the Nintendo eShop, which gives players a sneak peek of what the game offers. The amount of content playable in this demo is not that much but it does give players a taste of the game controls, rules, visuals, audio, and more.

Completing the playable demo will reward players for the Pikmin Bloom app. They can also transfer their save data to the full version of the game once purchased. There are also some select retailers that will have a demo of the game and it will be available from July 7 to October 19, 2023. Players will earn 200 My Nintendo Platinum Points for playing.

Overview Trailer

The 7-minute video does offer more details about the upcoming Switch sequel. One of those is the Dandori Battles, which are competitive challenges against AI or another player to showcase who can make use efficiently their Pikmin to collect valuable items.

The video has revealed Pikmin 4’s RPG-type features like the ability to upgrade the character with new items or gear, and upgrade the canine companion Oatchi’s abilities. Lastly, it also showed the new nighttime challenges, which will play out similarly to tower defense games.

Pikmin 4 launches on July 21, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.