PlayStation 4 Hack Now Possible with New Exploit

It has begun!

It has been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 hack is now possible with the new exploit hackers have found recently.

According to one of the trio hackers that released the PS4 hack, this new exploit works on consoles with firmware update 9.00 and earlier. This also allows a PS4 owner to inject homebrew apps and unauthorized copies of games and will be playable without any issue. There will be no need for a disc anymore as players can just download a game from a certain website and then inject that onto the HDD and play directly on the PS4.

Hacker SpecterDev recently shared a video on his personal Twitter account the custom firmware that ran on the PS4 console. It was working perfectly without any stutter or issues.

The only problem now is the newer games as they cannot be playable without the latest firmware. For now, it will be firmware update 9.00 below. Sony Interactive Entertainment has also released update 9.03 so the hack will not work for now.

In another post by Znullptr, it was revealed that the hack could possibly be applied on the PS5. It has not been tested yet since the devs do not have a PS5 to test it on, unfortunately.

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