PlayStation 5 Consoles Have Outsold the PS4 in the Same Period

playstation 5

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared its latest financial report and it revealed that the PlayStation 5 consoles have actually outsold its predecessor in the same period.

playstation 5

The latest earnings report revealed that the PS5 has sold over 7.8 million units. A breakdown of this would be that by the end of 2020, SIE has managed to ship 4.5 million units worldwide. After that, it has also sold more 3.3 million units in 2021. Again, there is still the issue with its supply due to materials and the pandemic, but the new reports are still showing the big milestones that SIE has accomplished.

The predecessor is not backing down too. The PS4 is also reported to have sold an addition 1 milion units in the last quarter, which has resulted in 115.9 million units sold since its launch. This is a bit lower than last quarter, which was 1.4 million units sold, but that is not surprising since the PS5 took over by storm.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad, also known by his Twitter moniker @ZhugeEx, shared that hardware is a big factor for the PS5’s sales, which is about 20 percent. Digital software and add-on content are respectively 21 percent and 34 percent. Also, physical games only have 5 percent and the peripherals are 6 percent.

The PlayStation 5 is going strong.

Source: Official Document via VG247