PlayStation 5 Demo Kiosks Start Appearing at Retail Stores in UK

PlayStation 5

A post on social media got attention lately that featured a certain kiosk with a peculiar color theme closely looking like the upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 and accessories

According to @AllGamesDelta on its personal Twitter account, retail stores in the UK are already setting up PS5 themed stalls. He did not reveal which stores are now putting this up now, but the post has an attached image as evidence. It features a couch, a coffee table with a glass case on top with two holders that seemed to hold controllers, and at the front end is a place for the TV and another glass case, which the console should be placed inside. The color scheme is dominant white with accents of blue.

See the significance? This is definitely a PS5 kiosk where interested gamers would try out the upcoming console when it gets demoed here. No word on when it will be showcased, but with the holidays coming soon, this is just for preparation. Hopefully other countries are already having these kiosks as well, but it would depend since the pandemic is still around.

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