PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Reported Production was Less Than the Standard Version

PlayStation 5

According to some reports, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is fewer on stock compared to the standard version.

The reason for that is that Sony Interactive Entertainment did not produce more units of such console system. The focus was more on the standard edition with the disc drive. Game publication Ars Technica reported that they have contacted GameStop stores at nine locations across the US and the data they gather was interesting. Only about 24 percent of the allotment is taken up by the Digital Edition while the rest was the Standard Edition.

VGC also reported the same thing: only a few models will be available for purchase compared to the standard edition. They did not give estimates but were confident of their report.

SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan was asked by AV Watch about the production of the digital and standard editions and how many will be available, but he did not give any hint. He stated that the ratio between the two models is currently data that they cannot disclose at this time. They cannot say the numbers, but they are planning to produce the necessary number of units for the model types.

Ryan did confess that SIE has not produced two different console models at the same time. They could not state the right number and right ratio right now and they are trying to predict the demand of the console systems.

Right now, SIE will not confirm anything about this but hopefully in the later days or perhaps weeks there will be some sort of information that people can digest.

Thanks VG247!