PlayStation 5 eBay Order by Utah Resident Turns Out to be Concrete Block

playstation 5

A Utah resident reported to the police after the PlayStation 5 he ordered online turned out to be a concrete block.

This happened at Orem, Utah where the unidentified 38-year-old man ordered the PS5 from e-commerce company eBay. He was excited at the purchase but as he opened it up, to his dismay, it was just a concrete block. He was tricked into paying $878 for the most sought device right now. The price is not surprising anymore due to its high demand it is only a second-hand item so the seller can increase the price to his liking.

Police said that the buyer should be able to get his money back with eBay’s buyer/seller protections. They do warn others not to carelessly purchase items online without any feedback scores.

PlayStation 5 is out now.

Source: Fox News