PlayStation 5 Was Supposed to be Designed Larger at First

PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertain Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa recently revealed that as the designer of the PlayStation 5, it was supposed to be larger at first.

Morisawa amusingly revealed that the first time he designed the PS5, it was supposed to be larger since the console had a lot of power and it needed a lot of space for the air flow. He was also thinking of how the heat sink would fit, hence the large size design. He was worried what engineering would do about his first draft.

Engineering replied with a no and said it was too big for a design. The PS5 designer then made adjustments to it and shrank its size.

Now the final design was the perfect size and it was the one used. He also did not go with a thinner version because there would be less air flow to it. According to Morisawa, that would disturb the player while they are playing, which could mean it would make the fans noisy trying to cool down the console.

Morisawa also revealed that he made a tough decision in the beginning when making the design. He was asking himself if the PS5 would be the PS4’s successor in terms of design or should they go beyond whatever they designed before. They went for the latter since they wanted to try achieve something beyond what they had.

So far, the reaction to the design is great and it actually helps when it comes to air flow according to the early reviews.

PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 in the US, Japan, and select few countries. The rest of the globe will have it on November 19.

Interview source: The Washington Post